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A different kind of cookbook

Be your own nutritionist!

Learn how to create your own meal plans, based on your daily necessary calorie intake depending on your weight goals. Choose from 55 delicious and nutrient rich recipes!


11.99 EUR 24 EUR


11.99 EUR 24 EUR

Health is the most important element and, throughout your life, you must use willpower and discipline to achieve and maintain high levels of health and fitness. When you pursue health, aesthetics follows.
The first essential factor of a healthy life is proper weight. When you are physically fit, you look great and you feel great and more in control of your life
To enjoy the highest levels of health and energy you must eat the right foods in the right amount, exercise regularly, rest well and, most importantly, you must maintain a positive mental attitude.
Each of these areas requires self discipline, but the payoffs you will get will be far beyond the effort you put in!
So let’s start this beautiful journey together! Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain weight or just be healthier, this is the right book for you!
Thank you for buying my book,I’m very grateful to share my knowledge with you!
For support, questions, professional help or even a feedback, you can always email me at
Diet plans can be overwhelming, putting yourself through a regime of omitting things that you love is very difficult. Our mind revolts and sooner that you can say “diet” we are back to our old patterns. To break the power of habit, one needs willpower and knowledge.
Our journey to eat healthy starts with a simple, yet powerful step: eat consciously. Become aware of what you consume and how it affects you.
Whether you want to lose weight, gain weight or maintain and simply eat healthier this is the right book for you!
Many people find that cutting out animal products translates to lower numbers on the scale, but adopting a vegan diet doesn’t automatically put you on the road to weight loss. Plant based foods tend to be less energy-dense than meat and dairy but there are plenty of high calorie vegan foods that can not only contribute to weight gain but also skimp on nutrients.
This book is designed by a certified nutritionist, for anyone interested to learn more about nutrition and how to create their very own customized meal plans according to their needs and wants!

With love, Simona!

I collaborated with Simona in the past. I had great results with her meal plans and the recipes were super easy and tasty, which helped me a lot to stay on track, so I was super excited to get the book! It’s exactly how I expected it to be! Recipes are delicious and the nutrition part is very easy to understand. I 100% recommended it!

Iulia P.

Whoever thinks vegans only eat salads should definitely get this book! 😂 P.S. That zucchini cake is addicting! 😅

Nico D.

I recommend it. Recipes are easy and all have nutritional values so it really helps stay on track.

Doru M.

So easy to understand how much you should it! I was having a very hard time understanding that and everything on social media was just confusing me more. I totally recommend it!

Andreea B.

I have struggled with extra weight practically all my life. I was always running low on energy no matter how much sleep I would get during the night, extreme cravings which got worse as time went by and I was running increasingly anxious that despite trying a multitude of diets, nothing seemed to work. I started reading more about going vegan as I heard about its plethora of benefits but I knew it would be a hard task to undertake on my own. Luckily, I came across Simona’s book which contains delicious recipes which are fairly easy to follow by anyone. I have shared it with my close friends and they all seem to be loving the idea of incorporating more vegan dishes in their busy lives. I recommend it!

Jasmine A.

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11.99 EUR 24 EUR


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